It’s cold, inside

It's cold, inside It don't feel right Out of air, I can't see Ignite the match, set me free   The fire fuels my will It lights the path ahead No more space left to fill All the pain, it was bled   Burning in my lungs Spit it like my rhymes Fire in my... Leer más →

Only asphalt

Only asphalt Straight lanes White on black So many shades   Counting streetlights Shadow, bright, shadow, bright   Glass on glass The other me Another impasse Turn back here   Counting streetlights Shadow, bright, shadow, bright   Imposing, so high This city is alive Breathing, the heartbeat Can't live without it @ploskygonzalo Foto: Photo by Jorge... Leer más →

The crosswalk is in front of me

The crosswalk is in front of me None on the other side I can see The voice keeps on calling Nothing  but the mist, I can't dodge it   Shoul I cross, should I not? Should I follow her or stop? Looking left, looking right Why is noone on my sight?   Take a deep... Leer más →

I wish my verses were alive

I wish my verses were alive And make them talk about the love The love that makes my whole being arise And get up to the stars, even above   Oh master Pygmalion, show me how you inspired The cold hands, face and heart of your creation To become the woman that you desired To... Leer más →

Open wide your eyes

Open wide your eyes Have a look around This world is in chaos Everybody wants to be crowned   Crowned with the bones of those Who could never come up on top Crowned with tears of the children They are nothing but a flop   And I am no philanthropist I won't extend my hand... Leer más →

With two coins in my eyes

With two coins in my eyes I cut my earthly ties   Entering alone his domain Only for me is this pain   Lurking in the dark Judging from far apart   He won't stay in my way In his reign I won't be stray   My soul mourns for the life Your end will... Leer más →

Always starting with the P

Always starting with the P Coming in, you can't see me   See the shadow that I cast Feel the power in my heart   Dormant, hidden away Not ever showing them   The monster is laying in there Just need to push it over the edge   My mind desires recognition, the power and... Leer más →

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