I come to a traffic light 

I come to a traffic light That blinks. It blinks ferociously at me, it asks the eternal question: Will you or won’t you? Do I cross with the blinking light? I ask myself that too. Will I take a chance With that amber light Blinking? Should I- take a chance- When I know I could... Leer más →


The word alone Hast lost its meaning, To the young, ingrate Kings and queens of Low Hollywood dives, Who prefer the shiny gold Of a social medal or A man in need of polishing, To the idea of saving lives. @mena.poetry Foto: @mena.poetry

The fear of letting go

The fear of letting go Deceives my aching body Into holding onto grief. The fear of letting go Bewitches the woman Who stood by you When nobody else would. The fear of letting go Is a fickle creature, But I’ve learnt that letting go Does not mean betraying you, And that there’s nothing this Northern... Leer más →

His wrath ripped through

His wrath ripped through This mortal Earth’s crust, When he heard it, now He could no longer trust These hopeful people, This new civilisation, How could he support The deceitful nation, Who named him after The smallest planet? @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem

I am Veronica Franco

I am Veronica Franco The courtesan, the poetess, Who deceives men with My misleading rhyme, I am Mary Shelley, The one whose tales full Of monsters and beasts I am made of many borrowed parts. I am Brontë, I stand on the highest point of my moors, Leaning on Edward as I search for Heathcliff,... Leer más →

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